About The Mug Spot

Give the guests at your next event a fun way to photograph themselves with a photo booth from The Mug Spot.

The Mug Spot puts a new twist on the traditional photo booth.  While it works in basically the same way as a traditional booth, we’ve eliminated the walls to get everyone involved.

Better Equipment

The Mug Spot is equipped with a studio-grade flash system, high end SLR camera and a  professional photo printer.  Within seconds of taking a photo it appears on the big screen for everyone to see, and your guests get a 4×6″ photo printed out to take with them.  After your event the photos are uploaded so they can be e-mailed or used on facebook, etc.

Instant Gratification

We upload your guests photos to the internet immediately after they are taken. A barcode on a nearby display allows your guests to instantly download the photo to their mobile phones and e-mail, facebook, tag, share with others. This viral marketing aspect draws attention to your event as it happens.

Creative Options

Photos can be taken in color, black and white, or anything in between.  We have a variety of different-looking filters and effects that can be applied to your images while they’re being taken to set your photos apart.

The Mug Spot is great for weddings, parties and fundraisers.  It’s a great way to get your guests interacting, having a good time, and going home with a photo they’ll remember.

We’re currently booking summer and Fall events in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

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